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Everyone knows about the market cycle. But do you know when is the ‘bottom’? Or is it just a myth?

How do you ensure that you will not make the wrong move and end up losing money on your biggest purchase in a lifetime?

Daryl from daryllum.com will be presenting new materials in this coming master class. He will share with you the data and facts, in-depth analysis of past crisis trends, so you can make a better-informed decision towards your next property move.

After you know when is the best time to make your move, the question is what to buy? Willie will share an update on the latest new launch Penrose, how it performed, and what does it mean for other upcoming new launches. He will also shed light on the rest of the upcoming launches for 2020.

Here is a recap of what Team Invest Singapore Property has been up to for the month of September 2020.



Read the latest circular by URA on no more re-issuing of OTPs for all new launches? How is this going to affect the market moving forward? And how is this going to affect the existing new launches? Are you caught in this situation as well? Our speakers will share their expert opinions.

Sign up now for our workshop via the link below. If you are looking to make your property move soon, you do not want to miss this. If you have issues signing up, WhatsApp Edwin +6593394163 or email [email protected]

Stay safe. Cheers.

Team Invest Singapore Property

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