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In this webinar, we will take a look at some statistics to try to understand how severe the pending recession could turn out to be. We will then try to understand how this may affect the Singapore property market.

There will be a Question & Answer segment, and if time permits, we will be talking about some of the new government measures regarding the property sector.

We will be doing a financial calculation on a new case study involving a real situation with our clients.

Daryl will be doing the presentation on the severity of the recession and Kevin will be doing the financial calculation. If you are keen to see how this current recession stacks up against the Global Recession, the Dot Com Bubble, SARS, and The Asian Financial Crisis as well as get an idea of how this will affect the property market, do sign up for this webinar.

We will be also giving updates on developments that are currently offering discounts as of 1st August 2020. And a review of new launch Penrose.

Date: 21st September 2020
Time: 8 pm to 9 pm (Singapore time)
To sign up for the webinar, click the following link:


If you have issues signing up, please call or Whatsapp Edwin at +6593394163. For those that attended the first time, you may have issues signing up the second time. Do approach Edwin if you would like to attend this webinar.

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